Examination Centers

Each course in the graduate and doctoral degree programs requires the successful completion of a number of assessment tasks that could be by online examination, assignment or both. The doctoral program also has a significant research component.

If students are undertaking courses that use as supplementary delivery vehicles the (free) MOOC courses then all examinations and/or assignments will be assessed by a Calwest appointed professor.

If students are undertaking courses externally (including undertaking assessments required by the (free) MOOC courses) then an approved proctor (such as ProctorU) must be used. The proctoring fees charged by these external approved proctors are minimal (less than $50 per course). If students wish to have assessed their learning by Calwest university; then a Challenge examination must be undertaken (fee $250 per examination). Students are responsible for paying all external proctoring fees. For Calwest courses undertaken via Tubeclasses, the supervision/proctoring fees are built into the fee structure, so a student does not have to pay extra. At Tubeclasses, students may still undertake MOOC courses with world-class professors, but all assessments are done by Calwest professors.

For Calwest Courses, there are only online exams or assessments submitted online. There are no oral examinations.

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