Policy and Procedure

Calwest’s Policies and Procedures are underpinned by MOOC philosophies that have at its foundation the belief that a great education should be available to anyone around the world, so that learning can be without limits. However, although most MOOC courses can be taken for free, credit is not given towards earning a University degree. At Calwest, we believe that those who undertake World-class university level education should be given recognition for work done; and thus Calwest is the first US University to conduct its own assessment or give credit (provided certain proctoring requirements are met) of MOOC learning; and provide a pathway for students to earn a university degree. Calwest strongly believes that education is a right, and not a privilege; and that university degrees should not be restricted to only those who can pay the high fees charged. Good education is a human right that should be available to all. As we subscribe to MOOC philosophies, Calwest charges, as a community service, only very minimal of fees even when the program is undertaken or assessed completely in-house.

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