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Calwest University follows USA Education terminology as follows:

Program: means the degree program you are enrolled in such as MBA or DBA.

Course: means a subject area within the Program. There are many courses that comprise a program.

Topic: means a section within a course. There are between 10-20 topics in a course and usually follow a related chapter in the text book assigned for the course.



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When you wish to return to your program and courses, go to the Home page.



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Once your Admission Documentation is accepted (within 7 days) go to HOME PAGE STUDENT MENU "My Programs". Please click on this to see the courses that you need to enroll in to complete the program.When you have enrolled to undertake a program with Calwest University, the following Navigation is required on the website to undertake a program and the courses within it. 

Once you choose and enroll in a course, both your program and your courses are displayed on the HOME PAGE STUDENT MENU (Right Hand Side menu). Click on "My Programs" to choose and enroll in a course ($250). Research courses are $800 per course.

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Once enrolled in a course, go to HOME PAGE STUDENT MENU "My Courses" to see the course syllabus, topics quizzes and final assessments.

On clicking a particular course you are enrolled in, you will see the course syllabus and individual topics that will be based on the recommended text book. You will also be provided a particular MOOC course (if available) that can be used as supplementary learning material. If the MOOC link does not work, go to Google and you will be able to find the latest link pertaining to the course.

Please note that you will navigate the topics by clicking within the PowerPoint slide to advance. At the end of the PowerPoint slide presentation for a topic, you will return to the start of the presentation.

For Online Courses:

If a topic has assessments, please note that you need to complete these assessments before you will be permitted to access the next topic. You can re-sit the topic assessments as many times as you wish until you get a score (usually 50%) that will enable you to continue and access the materials of the next topic.

For Research Courses:

The requirements for these are different to the online courses and the details are provided in the Course Syllabus.



For Online Courses:

Once you have completed all the topics in the course, you will be given access to a Written Assignment or a Final Online Exam. The Online Final Exam is a composite of all the topic assessment questions. You will be allowed only One Attempt at the final exam. The final exam is 90-minutes in duration. After 90-minutes, whatever you have attempted will be submitted automatically to Calwest for assessment, and you will get your final grade soon after (within 24-hours).


For Research Courses:

The requirements for these are different to the online courses and the details are provided in the Course Syllabus. These are:

Research Methods: Self-Assessment that you have completed all readings and videos

Research Proposal: The submission of the Research Proposal to your supervisor, and grading by supervisor

Research Thesis: The submission of the Research Thesis to your supervisor, for submission to two examiners for grading.

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